Cake Pops

For weddings, birthdays and parties

Rainbow Cake Pops provides you with yummy little bites of delicious cake dipped in top quality chocolate or candy and decorated in the style and colour of your choice.

Perfect for weddings as ‘favours’, as part of a candy bar or as a complement to your wedding cake and perfect for birthday parties, christenings and as gifts at Easter or Christmas.

You can choose from different flavours of cake, for example chocolate, gingerbread, carrot and ginger, lemon, orange, chocolate and orange – in fact any flavour of cake can be made as a cake pop. We also do lovely moist chocolate fudge cake as a speciality.

Knowing how many people are gluten intolerant these days, we are very happy to provide gluten free cake pops too.

Some Popular Flavours – by no means an exhaustive list. If you have a favourite that’s not here let us know.

Chocolate – lovely

Chocolate Fudge – rich and delicious

Chocolate Orange – gorgeously decadent

Chocolate Mint – for after any hour.

Carrot and Ginger – one of your five-a-day

Coconut – a touch of the tropics

Fruit Cake – Christmassy, but good at any time.

Fudge – sweet and a little sticky

Lemon – moist and tangy

Mocha – for that coffee hit!

Orange – sweetly refreshing

Orange and Ginger – a little hotter….

Vanilla sponge – the traditional tea party flavour

We do Marbled Cake Pops with two flavours and/or colours that complement each other, for example Chocolate and Vanilla, Chocolate Orange and plain Orange, Vanilla sponge in different colours etc. Let your imagination fly and tell us where it lands!