Welcome to Rainbow Cake Pops

Cake pops – Now, if you haven’t come across them before you’re in for a real treat!!

If you have then you’ll know how delicious and more-ish these delightful little treat-sized cakes can be.

Rainbow Cake Pops are exciting, fudgy balls of cake in gorgeous flavours, covered in chocolate or melted candy. These are then decorated and each presented on a stick. The decorations can be from classic or fun sprinkles to more intricate themed ideas.

Perfect for weddings, birthday parties and all special occasions, at Rainbow Cake Pops we aim to make your experience of these little show-stoppers second to none!


Rainbow Cake Pops is based in the stunning southern Lake District and is run by mother, Catherine and daughter, Carla. With many years of baking experience behind her, including two years as sole provider of cakes and scones for a popular cafe in Lewes, East Sussex,  Catherine enjoys the cake making, whilst Carla uses her considerable flair for design to decorate the cake pops in beautiful and inventive ways.

We care about the environment, chicken welfare and you! So our cake pops are made with the highest quality, ethically-sourced ingredients. We will always use as-locally-as-possible sourced organic flour and butter and free range eggs as basic and where appropriate organic fair-trade chocolate and organically grown fruit and veg  if they happen to be an ingredient.